An Introduction to the Bareskin Towel

January 20, 2010 at 2:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

After spending time living in the Virgin Islands and traveling throughout the Caribbean, I discovered there is a need for a highly absorbent, packable, and fast-drying towel. I tried and discarded the heavy terrycloth towels that retained water and collected sand in the humid climate. As a result, I researched the concept of utilizing a synthetic chamois as a more efficient utility towel for water sports and recreational activities that would also provide a travel solution. Comparative research shows that current available microfiber towels are light-weight but have limited absorption rates, dry slowly, and do not offer a plush feel. I wanted the quick drying element and sand shedding property of a real chamois but without the animal smell or stiffness when dry. After 6 years of researching fabrics the production of the bare skin™ towel became a reality. I am proud to present you with the future standard of the towel.

The bare skin TM towel is a very unique fabric not currently in the market today. It is not the felt like fabric of Sham Wow, the ultra thin or piled microfiber towel in camping stores-but a true high grade synthetic chamois with the true suede feel. The fabric is innovative and will change the way people think about traditional towels for travel, sports and water activities. Bare skin™ provides more functional features and measurable advantages versus traditional cotton or micro-fiber towels including:
  • Higher absorption/Faster drying
  • Naturally Antibacterial/Antimicrobial
  • Light-weight/Durable
  • Packable-A 35X58 folds to 4X6 inches
  • Luxurious feel-Suede touch
Energy Efficient/Lint Free
The bare skin™ advantage has multiple uses catering to all outdoor and indoor activities. You will never use a traditional cotton, microfiber or PVA plastic towel again. The next true sports towel has emerged!


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