Bareskin Testimonials

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“The Bareskin sports towel is a perfect accessory for beach volleyball.  It is absorbent but dries quickly for use throughout a long day of training or competition.  It is also very soft and does not hold onto the sand, so that the friction caused by sand clinging to a traditional damp towel is virtually nonexistent.”

~Ali Wood Lamberson, Director, Beach Programs, USA Volleyball

“Marni and I are members of Women Winning Worldwide. Marni is a true winner. She is launching an amazing product that should be a household name in no time at all. I am impressed with Marni’s knack for numbers and her analytical side but love Marni for her genuine warmth and character. Back to Bareskin… I have one of her towels and use it daily for the gym. I love how compact and lightweight it is as well as how quickly it dries. Perfect for every athlete!” March 15, 2010

Beth Katz , Owner , Katz Design Group

(Quote from LinkedIn recommendation;

“The Bare Skin is outstanding. It grabs the water off skin and makes a perfect ” cloth ” for game time use. A dry arm is very easy to brush sand off of and your cloth makes wet skin dry quicker and more completely than any towel I have ever used. The most important thing is that it is very soft. I have a sport towel version. I am going to get a big one because I love the way it feels on my skin.”

~Jon Aharoni, USA Volleyball-Coach Coordinator, Beach Coaching and Development


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