Bare Skin User Testimonials

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Here are a few actual user testimonials we wanted to share!

The Bare Skin is outstanding. It grabs the water off skin and makes a perfect ” cloth ” for game time use. A dry arm is very easy to brush sand off of and your cloth makes wet skin dry quicker and more completely than any towel I have ever used. The most important thing is that it is very soft. I have a sport towel version. I am going to get a big one because I love the way it feels on my skin.

Keep me posted on new products,

Jon Aharoni

USA Volleyball-Coach Coordinator, Beach Coaching and Development

“The Bareskin sports towel is a perfect accessory for beach volleyball. It is absorbent but dries quickly for use throughout a long day of training or competition.  It is also very soft and does not hold onto the sand, so that the friction caused by sand clinging to a traditional damp towel is virtually nonexistent.”

Ali Lamberson, USA Director if Beach Volleyball Operations

“I use at the pool and leave in a wet heap in my car…when I am ready to use again, it is dry, doesn’t smell and works fine.  Took it to the beach surfing (it fit nicely in the beach bag unlike the other towels) and even when it was wet the sand and dirt didn’t stick to it.  I pretty much love it.”

Heidi (age 43), Surfer, Iron Man Tri-Athlete, Adventure Racer


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