Warm bathrooms – banish that cold, damp start to your day

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You know what its like to get up on a chilly morning and the last thing you want to do is to take a shower in a cold bathroom. I have come across a solution to many a miserable morning – towel rails and underfloor heating.

Imagine stepping into your bathroom in the morning and its cold and wet outside. The floor is warm – no horrid cold tiles on your bare feet. There is welcoming warmth in the room and to finish to experience – your towel is both warm and dry. This all sounds like a dream – how we would like our bathrooms to be.

All of this is actually achievable. It is all so simple – simply install underfloor heating and add a towel warmer or rail.

Underfloor heating is a modern, economical and silent form of heat distribution. It comes in packs which are available as Electric or Warm Water systems. Electric packs are available as mats or loose cables most of which can be tiles straight over. Warm water systems are designed for use with an existing central heating system. Both types of heating come in packs that are suitable for your room size. Just measure your room size and order the pack most suited. Timers and thermostats complete the packs, some of which are included and some you need to choose and order separately. They can be fitted under different types of flooring, eg tiles, wood, laminate and carpet. Just remember that both of these systems should be installed by a competent installer or registered tradesperson.

Towel warmers and rails are available in many different styles. There are some simple and classic styles right up to some imaginative and stunning room features. Obviously the size of your bathroom will play a part in the size and style of your towel rail. The ladder style is the one you may have seen in bathrooms before. These rails and warmers are becoming very poplar especially as there is now such a wide choice available. They warm and dry your towels and are a source of heat in the room. Most come as chrome finished but an alternative of white is also available.

One more item that I have discovered will finish off this warm morning experience is the clothes warmer. This is a plug in clothes hanging rail and it not only will keep your suit beautifully uncrumpled, but fantastically warm and free from damp.

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