How to Stay Motivated with Your Diet

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So you’ve decided to go on a diet and tomorrow will be the big day. Who knows what diet you are going on because there are so many of them? The popular ones today are the low-carbohydrate diets. But no matter what the diet, most people leave those diets very quickly within the course and give up on them. You will never lose any weight if you don’t stay the course on your diet. But how do you stay motivated? Before choosing a diet, study it carefully. Don’t just take on a diet because it is a fad or the popular hit at the time. Fad diets come and go. Remember that there are no real quick fixes to resolving a weight problem and you want a diet that promotes consistency while keeping your body filled with nutrition.

One big reason why families cannot stay motivated on diets is because of family meal menu problems. What typically happens is that mom and dad have to eat certain types of food for their diet but the kids won’t even touch it. Or, sometimes the one spouse is on a diet but the other isn’t and this creates stress that will quickly kill any motivation to stay on the diet. Let’s face it. No one wants to cook two separate meals in order to stick to a diet while feeding the rest of your family normally. So your diet should consist of foods that can be shared by the whole family so you don’t create conflict. Maybe you could mix the foods to where you have your diet foods but add in something the kids or your non-dieting spouse will enjoy.

Another big killer of motivation in diets is the cost of them. The healthy foodscompanies know that if you are on a diet then you will pay for their foods and so they can set the prices much higher. Then there are the specialty grocery stores that sell only organic and healthy food. Their prices are usually very high. You have to choose a diet that will fit within your budget or you will quickly loose the motivation to keep on with it. Do things like check the fat content or bad carbohydrates in normal grocery store foods.

To make your motivation on your diet stick, you are going to have to work towards behavior change before the novelty of it wears off. It is the same with any habit. You have to change the behavior you are used to. A major pattern of behavior you must change is to stop going to the grocery storewhen you are hungry. Everyone knows that if you go to the store when you are hungry then you will naturally buy more to eat and spend more at the same time.

Part of changing your behavior when it comes to diets is to stop rewarding yourself or calming your anxiety with food. Food is a comforter and those who are overweight or approaching a weight problem will many times use food to alter their depressed moods or to celebrates their periods of joy. While enjoying good food is pleasurable, you have to change your attitude to viewing food as a fuel to sustain life and not something that controls your quality of life.

And no matter what, the more you make your diet interesting, the more likely you will be motivated to stick with it. Look at the variety of foods you will be allowed to eat on your diet. There is no need for it to be boring.

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