3 Basic Rules of Strength Training & Bodybuilding

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Author: Deepak Bhangu

Rule # 1 – Concentrate on improving joint flexibility before developing muscle strength

When first embarking on any kind of weight training the new trainee tends to be more focused on how much he or she can lift rather than focusing on how NOT to pick up an injury or even thinking about flexibility.

Joint flexibility should be the first part of your training regime for many reasons but the the most being to avoid joint pain.

During most exercises the weight of the barbell and dumbbells compresses the joints to such a degree, that if you do not have good joint flexibility, it can result in strain and allot of pain!

The best way to improve joint flexibility is to take part in range of motion stretches.  This in a nutshell refers to how far you move your joint.  You would be looking to move and stretch your joints through all the its range of movement.

The muscles and tendons that support the joint lengthen every time you stretch which in turn allows the joint to move that little bit further and more freely.  You may experience some burning in the muscle or tightness during this process.

It is always advisable to take part in a thorough warm up prior to taking part in stretching to reduce the chances of picking up an injury.

Rule #2 – Develop the tendons before developing the muscles

The rate of gain in muscle strength always has the potential to exceed the rate at which tendons and ligaments can adapt to higher tensions.  Make sure the tendons and ligaments have time to adapt, remember health, fitness and weight training is a life long journey so don’t be in too much of a hurry and forget about the basics!

This common and very amature mistake is the equivalent of to trying to build a house on sand rather than on solid concrete foundations!

To train tendons and ligaments you need to take part in a low-load program (light weight, high repetition training) for at least 2 years!  Yes you read correctly 2 years!  There are no short cuts unfortunately but the result of this will be increasing the size in diameter which will allow your tendons and ligaments to withstand tension and wear.  Patience will ultimately pay off!

Rule #3 – Develop the body’s core before developing the limbs

Yes big arms and legs are impressive and takes allot of training to develop these areas.  Don’t forget that the trunk is the link to these areas and these limbs can only be as strong as the trunk.

A poorly developed trunk represents a weak support system for the hard working arms and legs, so never forget to focus on this important area.

As tempting as it may be to just train the arms and legs, “don’t do it!”  Ensure that there is adequate core training included in your workout regime.  The areas of interest should be the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and spinal column.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/bodybuilding-articles/3-basic-rules-of-strength-training-bodybuilding-4140072.html

About the Author

Health Club Owner, Head of Operations at Musclemadness and Personal Trainer.

I have a commitment to anyone that is interested in health and fitness and anyone that is looking to improve their health and lifestyle.

For more information please log onto www.musclemadness.co.uk

Deepak Bhangu
Head of Operations


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