Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga Can Benefit Your Posture

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Author: Mandy Waters

Poor posture is rampant in our modern society, where all too often we are tethered to a cubicle or crashed out on the couch. Regardless, posture is still an important part of a healthy life. Good posture allows for a person to sit or stand efficiently and still be ready to take any action quickly, or carry heavy things safely. Slouching can distort the internal organs and impede digestion. Also, it can be a factor in back pain and sitting or standing tall can help a person raise their mood. Yoga can be an effective way to bring awareness and strength to your stance. It meets every practitioner at his or her own level of strength and proficiency, and classes are taught at many fitness clubs, making it one of the most accessible activities for improving posture.

First, yoga brings sensitivity and awareness to your body. Instructors call out specific instructions to lengthen or twist certain areas of the body. Practitioners experience what is tight, loose, good, and painful and learn to make the proper adjustments, based on sensation.

A properly executed pose means that the bones are stacked to provide stability, whether on all fours in downward dog or inverted in a headstand. Like a soundly built house, the bones bear the weight of gravity and your body more efficiently if they are not tilted at awkward angles. Practitioners find the pose when everything feels strong and efficient; like good posture, yoga works only what needs to work.

Routines regularly incorporate poses, like plank or tree pose, that bear the weight of the body. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, weight training strengthens bones, allowing for less damage and weakness that can make you over-compensate in your posture.

Many of the strength training poses use contracted core and girdle muscles to stabilize a pose or transition with ease from one pose to another. Over time, these muscles around your waist become strong and aid in holding you upright.

Last of all, yoga stresses the importance of the breath throughout the practice. Steady breathing keeps you oxygenated, calm, and aware so you don’t over stretch. Instead of shallow chest breathing, yoga teaches proper breathing that fills the lungs entirely. So sit up properly and breathe life in deeply. That scratches the surface on how yoga can help posture, but the only way to find your personal benefits is to get to a class.

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