Secrets of dressing slim

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 by Christina Caldwell 
If you look in the mirror and think you could stand to lose a few (and really, who doesn’t?), think again. Those pesky flaws can be disguised and diminished. Those beautiful body highlights, on the other hand, can be played up with a few secrets to dressing slim.

Woman putting on necklace


A monochromatic color scheme, or a series of shades and tints of a single color, is the perfect way to disguise trouble areas and bring light to your best features. If you choose black as your monochromatic color inspiration, charcoals, light greys, whites and heathers will help you create a sleek, skinny, monochromatic look. The old saying is true — dark colors are slimming. Take the darkest color in your color scheme to your most unflattering areas. Draw focus to your lovely parts with lighter shades.


Whether it’s some excellent cleavage or a tiny waist, accessorizing your best feature draws focus away from your worst. The belted-waist look, popular in recent years, is a fantastic way to draw attention to the waist area. It doesn’t just have to be a belt, either. A simple sash, scarf or ribbon has the same effect. A colorful, ornate necklace brings focus to the chest. If your best asset is your legs, sport some killer knee-high boots, patterned stockings or leggings.


Choosing great-fitting bras, panties and shapewear is a must for creating any slim look, especially if you plan to wear a form-fitting outfit. Thongs can dig into curves, leaving a distinguishable mark, even on the outside of clothing. A bra that’s too tight or too loose can bunch and bind, giving the appearance of “back fat.” Treat yourself to a proper bra fitting. Consider Spanx or other shapewear for those special occasions where your everyday panties just won’t do the trick. The idea is to form a smooth body line, free from bumps. Bumps mean bulk and bulk is far from slimming.

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