3 Weight loss pitfalls and how to avoid them

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by Jackie Morgan MacDougall


We look in the mirror every day. But many of us choose to see the person we once were, ignoring the extra 50 pounds that we’ve packed on. Others tell themselves that it’s a temporary thing that “just happened” blaming a bad relationship, grueling job or baby weight. I’m here to tell you, if the kid’s in Junior High, you can pretty much guarantee it’s not the baby — the weight is here to stay. 

Solution: Accountability

Before make any changes, write down everything you eat for one week. You just might be surprised at all of the mindless munching you’ve been doing. Weight loss is simple math: amount of calories in versus amount of calories burned. Make a plan for one week at a time and stick to it.


“I’m fat.” Two words that need to leave your vocabulary. No one has ever moved mountains or peeled herself off the couch after treating herself so harshly. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.

Solution: Think thin
Have you ever been to a party with a thin girl? She doesn’t sneak off to the coat room to stuff scallops wrapped in bacon in her face. And not once does consider leaving the party to hit the drive thru. She sees food as a tool to keep her strong and healthy, with occasional treats thrown in. Reminding yourself that you’re in control, avoiding words like skinny and diet, replacing them with fit, strong and healthy, will help re-program your mind and set you up for success.

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