Snacking Between Meals Is Good? Or Bad?

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Author: Trevor Johnson

You know the feeling you get when you just have the urge to snack. It’s almost always nothing to do with whether or not you’re actually hungry. Instead, there’s a trigger that strikes straight at our primitive roots that says “snack now!”

Whether it’s the smell of fresh bread, cunningly wafted around the store by supermarkets to entice us or the notion of a freshly brewed cup of coffee (again, a nose grabber) or someone cooking bacon in what seems to be a 5 mile radius.

Those are the smell (or olfactory) factors in snacking.

But there are other triggers that cause us to snack between meals.

Sometimes it’s habit: the tea trolley that used to come round at work had a routine and that sticks with you even if the trolley and the person wheeling it are long gone. Your stomach just says “it’s time for elevenses” or whatever and you get the urge to snack, regardless of whether there’s any need to digest more food.

Another snacking habit a lot of people get into is eating whilst watching television or a movie. In fact, cinemas encourage this with their oversized tubs of popcorn, plates of nachos dripping with melted cheese and industrial size soft drinks. So we take that idea home with us and – before you know it – you’re snacking whilst watching the television and the family sized packet of Doritos served one person – you.

None of which answers the question of whether snacking between meals is good or bad.

Snacks in moderation are almost certainly OK. Different doctors will give you different answers – some will say stick to three square meals a day, others will say that snacking or grazing is fine. Of course, they’ll almost all quietly add in the phrase “as part of a calorie controlled diet” just to keep themselves off any possible hook.

If the snack you’re about to eat is there because you’re genuinely hungry then no-one should be able to argue with that.

If it’s there as comfort food then maybe there’s a place for it as well, so long as you don’t devour half the store in the process of attending to your snacking need.

So on the answer to the question “is snacking between meals good or bad?” I’m going to sit on the fence.

Deep down you’ll know the answer for you. Your bathroom scales will likely know as well but you’ve probably sworn them to secrecy.

And whether or not you do anything to reduce your snacking is down to you as well – me nagging won’t help and could even make it worse!

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