Hula Hoop Exercise: 4 Easy Routine Suggestions

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Author: Sal Farzin

Looking for a fun way to remove excess fat from your stomach? Did you know hula hoops are great exercise tools?   Learn more about which hula hoop exercise you have to do to make your waistline smaller by several inches.

Here are some good suggestions to consider:

1. Many hoops exercise

You can swing your hips on a single hoop exercise. But definitely, you can use two or more of them to burn more calories. This is best for advanced hula hoop users. If you’re tired of using only one of these twirling hoops because of the simplicity of technique involved, challenge yourself to use more than one when exercising. This will definitely take your exercising to the next level.

2. Nonstop hula hoop exercise

How long can you go on one round of exercise twirling a hoop? Push your limits and sway your hips according to the circling rhythm and make the hoop stay on your waist the longest time possible. Thirty minutes is the goal. Don’t let that hoop fall down within 30 minutes and you’re definitely on your way to a slimmer body.

3. Musical hula hoop exercise

Working out without motivation music is not advisable. What if you dance by twirling your hoop in tune to your favorite upbeat song? This suggestion is for advanced users again. Try spinning with it and integrate some of the tricks that you have learned along the way. Let your whole body move to the rhythm. This way, you’ll achieve a full body workout and burn much more calories.

4. Hula hoop exercise in small bursts

Do you have a very busy schedule and you can’t squeeze some regular exercise routines? Well, a hoop is the perfect equipment for you. Whether you are always on the go or you always have your hands full with chores, you can definitely do some exercise routines every now and then. All you need is to devote a few minutes everyday. Whenever you can pause for a break, chop off two minutes from your break time and devote that to a simple hula hoop exercise. You only need to spare two minutes several times in a day to speed up your metabolism for that perfect body you’ve always dreamt of. Try it. It works!

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Sal provides expert information on hula hoop exercise through his website on the top hula hoop exercise techniques.


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  1. Amazing! It really works! First week of using this device was a lil bit rough (mainly b/c i did it last time in childhood). I started from 1 min, than moved to 2 min… etc. Today is day 15 and i can use it 20 min in the row without any bad feelings and bruises. I love it! Even my husband started to do it when he saw how impressed i was!
    This it great item, you will understand and appreciate it after the first week of hooping… if you succesfully survive this first week. Lol.

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