Muscle Building Rules For Skinny Fat People

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Author: Jimmy Smith

Muscle building can be really easy unless you are a skinny fat guy. You know those guys who have skinny arms and legs but have a nice little pouch for a stomach. Luckily I have spent years research why exactly certain people like me and you are skinny and fat at the same time. It really has a lot to do with your training. Most people are so dead set on training a certain way that they can not see the long term implications, which is a bigger stomach and less muscle on your arms and legs.

Skinny fat people must train with full body works and bodypart split

I get really confused when I hear about skinny fat guys doing all full body workouts or having a arm or chest day in the gym. Both of those training methods should actually be used if a skinny fat guy plans on building muscle.

The only really way that someone is going to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is to train with frequency, volume and intensity. All three of those characteristics have to be met or else the skinny fat guy will not build muscle. By doing so you can raise your metabolism as well as increase your muscular size.

For skinny fat muscle building I typically recommend two full body days and two to three body part split days depending on your time.

Skinny fat people must do both high intensity and slow steady cardio

The recent trend by many experts is to recommend nothing but high intensity interval cardio. This is good advice but most experts do not know anything about how to train a skinny fat guy. After all, I am not the number 1 expert on skinny-fat muscle building in the world for nothing.

You see both high intensity and slow and steady cardio have advantages. For a skinny fat guy, high intensity cardio will help burn the excessive calories that are floating around and go right to your stomach. Slow cardio on the other hand will help him burn fat when you do not want to risk the chance of burning muscle tissue.

Skinny fat people must perform more leg work

I know that everyone hates it but leg work is a must for skinny fat guys. Leg work increased the amount of testosterone, the most powerful muscle building hormone that we have. The problem with skinny fat guys is that they have low amounts of testosterone. This is one of the main reasons that they have a bulging stomach. Testosterone is linked to building muscle but in a lack of testosterone, our body will hold onto fat. The best thing that a skinny fat guy can do is squat and deadlift at least twice a week. Now do not worry, you do not have to both squat and deadlift twice a week. One day should be centered on your squat and improving that lift while the second day should be centered on building the deadlift.

Training lower body allows you to increase both your metabolism and muscle building hormones, which is the aim of skinny fat guys, which is to increase muscle building hormones and increase metabolism.

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