Body weight exercises – what they are, and what are the benefits?

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If you’re looking to lose weight, tone your muscles, improve your strength and endurance, and get an improvement in your overall health, keep in mind the importance of a good routine of bodyweight exercises. It is called this way those exercises you can do with your body without equipment (no weights or machines, or gym). The sheer weight of your body helps you workout. Know what these exercises and what benefits you provide.

Examples of bodyweight exercises

Body weight exercises can be performed anywhere, whether in a gym if you are used to train that way, or in the comfort of your home. No need to invest money to start exercising! Here are some bodyweight exercises you can incorporate into your routine today:

– Crunches: To work the abdominal muscles. They are divided into groups (high, medium and low)

– Lumbar: to strengthen your back.

– Push-ups (lizards) to strengthen biceps and triceps.

– Squats and stride: to tone and strengthen your leg muscles.

Advantages of bodyweight exercises

– They are high impact exercises, routines need to exercise with much shorter than they would in the gym to feel the effect of these exercises in your body. Shortly after starting a regular workout, you’ll start seeing results.

– Used to lose weight: body weight exercises accelerate your body’s metabolism, helping you burn calories even hours after completion of training.

– You can choose which muscles to exercise: Have you always been proud of your flat abs, but would like to have stronger arms? Or, conversely, are satisfied with your biceps but would like to tone your legs? There is a proper body weight exercise for each muscle group you need to exercise. You can arm yourself routine that suits you.

– Improves bone density: not only gain in strength and muscle mass, but also your bones and joints will be favored.

– Help control your appetite: After only 20 minutes a vigorous workout of bodyweight exercises, your brain starts to secrete the famous endorphins, which serve well to reduce your anxiety and your stress levels, help to better control your appetite. Stress functions as a trigger of it: all people tend to eat more when anxious. Therefore, this type of exercise is essential when you’re trying to keep your weight under control.

– No need to spend more time: This is probably one of the most compelling reasons. Unlike an activity such as gym, treadmill, weightlifting or swimming, you can start exercising with your body weight without spending a dime.

For all these reasons, body weight exercises are extremely beneficial to all those who pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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