Why French Women Are Not Fat

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Author: George Josserme

People throughout the world still wonders why French women are not fat, and they look gorgeous and so feminine. It gets started with a secret taught to girls before they become women: “Eat all the meals of the day in small portions – Eat with pleasure.” Once that secret sinks in ~and girls become young women~ they are taught another secret: “Cook good recipes – Use seasonal ingredients.”

The taste and aroma of well-proven recipes cooked with fresh and seasonal ingredients make French women and men do something very important, and that is to take time to eat. Savoring each bite results in both feeling satisfied before wanting to eat more.

Is that why French women are not fat ? – No, there is much more.

* They first see if there is goodness in what they are about to eat. It means that both French men and women eat with their eyes; and consequently, food-presentation is very important. Then, they control how much of it they will eat.

* They do not conceive certain foods forbidden ~such as pastries or creamy sauces~ as long as those foods are consumed in moderation.

* They cook well-thought-out recipes implementing health-enhancing practices, and they do so cooking with nutritious and seasonal ingredients.

* They eat their meals enjoying the moment in a serene environment, and in company of people they feel good to be with. Although science does not know why, it is not few the number of scientists recognizing that those conditions affect ~in more ways than one~ how a body favorably assimilates food.

* They do not rush eating. On the contrary, they take their time to savor each of the only five or six bites of a meal. It means that their Pancreas does not have to overwork producing a large amount of Insulin.

* They do not skip any of the three or four meals of the day, and they do not feel guilt eating them.

* They drink six ounces, or so, of red wine with most meals [except breakfast].

* They do not often run for miles wearing out their lower joints. They do not sign up contracts with gyms. They well-integrate, however, being physically active with their everyday lifestyle.

What you just read is the opposite of often eating overly processed food; eating meals lacking vitally needed nutrients; eating large meals forcing the Pancreas to overwork creating lots of Insulin; eating not seating at a table, or in a rush, or in conditions that prevent you from enjoying food such as a noisy environment; eating as you talk to someone or sink your head in a cell phone; drinking many drinks loaded with sugar again forcing the Pancreas to overwork; driving 20 minutes in a parking-lot until you find a spot close to the entry door; running like a maniac exceedingly wearing out lower joints and hip instead of being active in ways that nature intended.

The knowledge you just acquired ~and the one you may gain if you visit the article below~ will let you construe that French women are NOT fat and look gorgeous displaying their slender and desirably gracious feminine bodies because of a new-trend-diet they heard about which comes printed in a book format. It is because of health-enhancing and sensible reasons used during the entire Lifestyle Of The Slim And Wiser.

You may now read below more detailed secrets on why French women are not fat.

Article Source: http://georgejosserme.articlesbase.com/motivational-articles/why-french-women-are-not-fat-2665502.html

About the Author

* George Josserme
* Editor-in-Chief
* The View – Cooking

This man’s French origins ~and his power of observation~ let him
learn why women in France are slender, attractive, and gorgeous.

His original writing is found here: Why French Women Are Not Fat.
Another revealing article showing more detailed secrets is located
at French Mediterranean Diet Does Not Exist.

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  1. The most sensible article that I have found anywhere on this topic. Bring more articles like this.

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