Easy Tips on Staying Healthy

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Author: Walter Tully

There are one billion overweight adults in the world and at least 100 million of them are identified as obese. According to the World Health Organization, being overweight is the leading causes of chronic diseases that include Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

These conditions are caused by increased consumption of energy-dense food high in saturated fat and a prominently sedentary lifestyle. Like any other disease, obesity and being overweight can be prevented by regular exercise and proper food intake. The following are easy steps on how to decrease weight and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Right

Eating the right amount and type of food will prove beneficial for most people. Many diseases like CVDs and diabetes can be easily prevented with proper food intake. Munching on vegetables and fruits, instead of fatty and oily food, will provide a healthy body. Get the right nutrients, such as iron and calcium and the right amount of calorie intake every day. Eat more of fish, lean meat, low fat dairy products, and vegetable and fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spend 30 Minutes Outdoors

Sunlight provides substantial nutrients to the body in the same way as eating fruits and vegetables. Doctors and fitness instructors in fitness centers in Glendale and other states recommend that people should spend at least 30 minutes outside because the human body produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Higher levels of Vitamin D in the body provide beneficial effects for those suffering from low bone density, sclerosis, and Type 1 diabetes.

Get Adequate Exercise

Exercise is one of the best things a person can do to improve his/her health. One can enroll in any fitness centers in Glendale to get professional help from fitness instructors. One can lose weight and stay healthy in no time if one religiously follows the exercise routine specially designed for him/her.

Get Active Substitution

Lastly, if one cannot afford to stay in any fitness centers in Glendale, s/he should still strive to have enough physical workouts at home. An early morning run of about 30 minutes every day will give positive results in a month’s time. One can also practice walking or taking the stairs instead of using an elevator. One can also do short walks to discuss work with an officemate instead of sending him/her email.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/outdoor-sports-articles/easy-tips-on-staying-healthy-5338001.html

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