What Are Interval Workouts?

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Author: Cory

I often hear people asking the question, “What are interval workouts?” The answer quite simply is performing high intensity exercise for a short period of time, with short rest in-between the next exercise. As you can tell this is a very general answer, which does not explain to the casual exerciser, exactly how they can incorporate this type of workout into their exercise routine. What many people do not realize is that interval training can be done by only performing cardio exercise, by only doing strength exercise, or it can be done using a combination of the two. Let me explain.

Interval training that involves strictly cardio training such as jogging, can be accomplished by varying the intensity(speed) at which you run, and the amount of time you keep up this intensity, as well as the amount of time you rest (walk or slow jog). Like most exercise the key to the amount of benefit you will achieve performing interval workouts, will depend on these two main factors. The key to interval strength training exercise, involves varying the amount of time between sets; when you combine this with altering the weight and speed per repetition, you will achieve an interval workout. Similar to interval cardio training, the amount of time/rest between sets plays an important role in the benefits you will receive.

One of the best interval workouts you can perform involves a combination of both cardio and strength training. An example of this would be something as simple as chopping wood. As you can imagine, the strength and high intensity it takes to swing a heavy wood splitting axe over a period of 1-2 minutes or 10-20 repetitions, is enormous. There is only so many chops that you can do until you are totally exhausted and need to rest for a short time, and then start again. Not only does this engage many muscle groups, but your heart and lungs will be working over time trying to feed your body with enough oxygen to complete the next swing of the axe.

Now that we know what an interval workout consists of, why exactly would you want to integrate this type of training into your routine? Those of you who seek fat loss would benefit the most from interval training. Elite athletes such as hockey players include this type of workout because their sport demands that their fitness level reflects this type of training. If you are bored with your present workout regimen, interval workouts allows you to spice things up considerably by altering the time, speed, and intensity of your workout.

In conclusion, it all boils down to what your goals are. One of the best aspects about this type of training is that you are done your workouts well before most conventional workouts, because it’s much too difficult to keep up an intense workout for a long period of time. Simply ask yourself, do I want to jog for an hour and a half, or do I want to do an interval workout for 30 minutes, and still be burning fat well after the fact?

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