Exercise To Fight The Signs Of Ageing

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Author: Fitness Transformer

As you grow older your body starts to slow down and sag, at this time your best friend is not an amazing plastic surgeon but exercise. Choose a great workout routine for women that has a mix of stretching, cardio and strength training, and supplement this with healthy weight loss foods, to make sure you age gracefully, remaining supple and agile as you age.

There are many exercises that can be included in an anti ageing workout routine for women like swimming, yoga and Pilates but the most important thing to remember is to begin with a good set of stretching exercises. Proper stretching helps the muscles warm up and extend so that they don’t get damaged during the cardio vascular and strength training phases of your routine. Stretches can be Ballistic (with rapid bouncing movements) or Static (with slow controlled movements) or a mix of both.

After a thorough stretch routine it is time for cardiovascular exercises. This helps increase muscle, get rid of fat, and if you exercise regularly it can even improve energy and decrease anxiety and signs of depression. Cardiovascular exercises should be done at least 3 times a week and for at least 20 minutes at a time so you maintain an elevated heart rate to burn off fat. You can choose a different cardio exercise each day to keep things interesting; Jogging, cycling, trekking, power walking, tennis, soccer or swimming to name just a few,  are all good cardio workouts.

The final phase of a great anti ageing workout is the strength training component that can slow down many signs of ageing like sagging skin and wrinkles. Small hand held weights are amongst the best tools for strength training and can be used to tone arms, shoulders and even the back. Exercise balls are used for abdominal strength training anti aging exercises, and for the legs and lower half of the body. Starting with heavy weights can result in an injury and so it is best to begin with smaller weights and few repetitions which can both be increased as you gain strength.

Drinking lots of water and eating a diet with healthy weight loss foods like oats, whole wheat, lean meats, fruits and vegetables will ensure that your body is able to fight ageing from the inside out.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/exercise-to-fight-the-signs-of-ageing-5524944.html

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