Weight Training Basics: The Key To Strength

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Author: Aaron McCloud

Weight training basics are simple. Deceptively simple.

And yet, there’s so much crap and misinformation online about them. You don’t need that latest gadget or sexiest gadget or coolest new toy. Good weight training to build muscle, and effective weight training basics, relies on a few timeless principles. Here they are, and remember: reading about them is easy – actually doing them is hard.

Work Harder

Not longer, harder. Each and every time you go to the gym, you must work harder than the last time you went. Otherwise you won’t get stronger.

This is hard. Most people want an easy workout that doesn’t require any strain. But weight training to build muscle and strength doesn’t work this way.

And when you go to the gym, you will hear all sorts of pathetic excuses people are telling each other.

“Well, I wore pants today and I can’t really do [exercise x] well in pants…” Why did you come to the gym then?!

Good Form 

if you don’t have good form, then (a) you’ll probably hurt yourself, and (b) you won’t be getting the benefit of engaging the correct muscles. Form isn’t just a convenience – it’s the most anatomically efficient and safest way to do a lift.

You don’t gain anything by compromising on form. Sure, you might lift a slightly heavier weight today, but you won’t actually be getting stronger. And on day that compromise will come back to injure you, I guarantee it.

Rest And Recovery

When you’re at the gym you break down your muscles. When you rest is when you rebuild your muscles.

So, to build more muscle eat more and rest. I cannot stress this enough – if you don’t eat enough, you won’t grow more muscle. It just won’t happen.

Fortunately, though, most people don’t have trouble eating more. But many people do have trouble resting. When you sleep is the primary time when muscles are rebuilt.

Sleep is also when you release growth hormone and testosterone. And whether you’re a guy or a girl, you want both to build up your muscles. Sleep is not for the weak – sleep is for the strong!

Record Your Workouts

If you don’t record your workouts, how are you going to make progress? And if you do make progress, how will you know that you are making progress?

Recording your workouts is simple, and probably takes an additional 10 minutes each time you go lifting. But it really pays off.

When you can actually increase your weight consistently, that’s a wonderful feeling. And when you know beyond a doubt that your stronger than you were a month ago, that’s just awesome.


One of the most important weight training basics is accepting that it takes time to build muscle. Or to reach any worthwhile goal for that matter.

If you can put on 4 pounds of muscle in a month, or add 10 pounds to your bench press, you’re doing really good. It might seem slow, but that’s the speed that your body grows at. And if you can keep putting just 10 pounds on your bench press every month, think where you’ll be in a year? Or two years?

Don’t think of committing to a year, or two years, or three. Think of just lifting hard and heavy today, with good weight training basics, and let the rest of your life take care of itself.

If you’re serious about developing good weight training basics, and good diet habits to build muscle, check out the info below. You’ll find exact directions and great tricks to gain strength and muscle.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/weight-training-basics-the-key-to-strength-5592266.html

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If you want to get more free info about weight training, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course. Or read more info at my site, Complete Strength Training. I’m an American College of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer, and I’ve been lifting heavy things and practicing Japanese martial arts for quite a while. There’s a lot of info about all different kinds of strength and weight training. Check it out!

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