7 Exercises That are a Waste of Your Time

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By FitJerk

“You must spend a lot of time in the gym”

“How Many Hours a Day Should I Workout?”

These are just SOME of the comments/questions that “grind my gears” when I hear them. This is simply due to the fact that people are being misinformed with all the bullshit that all of these so called “fitness gurus” are ambushing them with. People are always amazed when I tell them I only spend 4 days per week in the gym at 45 minutes – 1 hour a piece.

So why is it that I can spend so little time in the gym and still achieve great results?

It‘s simple; I don’t waste my gym time with worthless exercises… and neither should you!

With that being said, I would like to take this time to give you 7 exercises that are a complete waste of your time. Not only will I explain why these workouts are complete garbage, but I’ll even give you an alternative that will work 10 times better.

1. Smith Machine Bench Press

Benching is a compound movement that requires more than one muscle group. In fact, it should engage the chest, shoulders, and triceps all at once. It is meant to be a heavy workload that targets multiple muscles in order to recruit more muscle fibers. More Muscle Fibers + Strenuous Activity = More New Muscle

So what is a bench press if you take away the use of stabilizer muscles for control, emphasis on other muscle groups for muscle fiber recruitment, and have a machine do all the hard work for you?

I’ll tell you – it’s absolutely worthless to anyone whose goal is to build some real eye popping muscle mass.

Alternative: A better exercise choice would be a barbell or dumbbell bench press. These are both a free weight approach to the bench press that will require stabilizer muscles. This technique will also allow you to add tension to other muscle groups such as shoulders and triceps. This will force your body to recruit help in the form of muscle fibers.

2. “Fancy” Ab Gadgets

If you have ever purchased any “as seen on TV” abs equipment, you were probably looking for a quick fix. Well, I hate to be the barrel of bad news but those ab gadgets are nothing but a fast track to bad posture, lower back pain, and a misaligned spine. Not only are the movements these gadgets recommend dangerous, they are also absolutely useless.

If you have ever purchased the

  • Ab Circle Pro
  • Ab Rocket
  • Ab Rocker
  • Or Ab Belt (to mention a few)

Then I must question your level of dedication to fitness [FJ: Or their level of intelligence]. If you expect to lose inches off your waste for visible six pack abs by using these at home or in the office on every break you get, you have been sadly mistaken. These “toys” will do nothing but discourage you and eventually collect dust.

Alternative: If you want to maintain a healthy spine and develop deeper and more visible six pack abs, I recommend lying leg raises and hanging leg raises. Most people assume that these exercises mainly target the lower abs, but that is a huge misconception. Leg raises are the best exercise for strengthening the core without putting pressure on the spine. Hanging leg raises have been called the “holy grail” of ab exercises by some of the most well known experts in abdominal development.

3. Forearm Curls

Like most destinations, achieving bigger forearm has multiple routes you can take. Although forearm curls may be one of those routes, I can guarantee you it isn’t ideal for anyone who wants real results real fast.

When have you ever seen a reputable program that included forearm isolation for massive forearms?

Never, and there is a reason why. The forearm is a very small muscle and when isolated, it requires absolutely minimal muscle fibre recruitment. Forearm curls are like shovelling snow as oppose to using the snow blower. The job eventually gets done, but the guy with the snow blower has cleared his driveway before you could figure out where to start.

Alternative: The best forearm exercises are compound lifts that allow you to lift extra heavy such as…

  • Deadlifts
  • Rows
  • Weighted Chinups
  • Barbell Curls

These exercises will allow you to keep more tension on the forearms with a heavier workload for added strain.

4. Easy Bar Bicep Curls

When it comes to building bigger biceps, the idea is to fully contract the bicep muscles. Using an easy curl bar where your palms are forced to face inward takes some strain off of the wrist, but it also takes way too much strain off of the biceps. This is even more true when performing close grip easy bar bicep curls.

Alternative: If you want to strengthen that grip to help in other aspects of your lifting as well as fully contracting your biceps, use a straight bar instead. This technique will allow you to put more emphasis on the bicep by keeping your palms supinated. Now although easy bar bicep curls aren’t the worst, why not take full advantage of your time in the gym by performing the best variations? [FJ: Heavy chinups also produce spectacular, babe-attracting biceps]

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