10 Yoga Postures to Avoid/Embrace During Pregnancy

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By Core Power Yoga

Have you recently found out that you’re pregnant and not sure how to modify your yoga practice? Or, maybe you’re pregnant, new to yoga, and have been thinking about trying it? Pre-natal yoga is actually very beneficial for your body in preparation for childbirth. You can continue to practice your favorite CPY classes (with approval from your doctor, of course); just be sure to keep these guidelines in mind:

Postures/situations to avoid:

  • Avoid forward fold with your legs together – this will compress your belly a bit too much.
  • Be cautious in twisting postures; gentle twists like utkatasana or crescent lunge with a vertical twist are generally ok, but resist moving into a deep seated twist or prayer twist.
  • Avoid lying directly on your belly, and modify upward facing dog as you need to.
  • Avoid heat in the first trimester, unless your doctor approves, and you feel up to it. Take an unheated C1 class, or check out our online yoga videos at yogaonline.corepoweryoga.com.

Postures to embrace:

  • Seated frog will help open your pelvis and hips. This is a great way to prepare for childbirth.
  • Wide-legged forward folds will help open your hips, and keep your hamstrings supple and open. Standing wide-leg forward fold is a great inversion, too!
  • Gentle backbends should feel good during pregnancy; modified camel or dancers will provide a nice torso stretch.
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