Tips to Overcome the 7 Biggest Exercise Obstacles

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As a human being, we all face different obstacles. It’s a part of life. When it comes to exercise, it can feel like everything is working against you. When you really want something for yourself you can’t just sit back and hope that motivation kicks you in the butt one day. You have to light the fire under your own butt! Although, here are some ways to make your workouts a regular part of your day – no matter what.

overcome exercise obstacles

Obstacle #1: Lack of Motivation. Everyone has to find their motivation. What motivates one person may not motivate another.

How to Overcome:  You should spend time thinking about what motivates YOU. Is it because summer is coming and you wanna wear a swimsuit without feeling embarrassed? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to run a 5K? Setting realistic short and long term goals, tracking your results and rewarding yourself when a goal has been achieved can help you stay motivated. I also like vision boards.

Obstacle #2: Inconsistency. Inconsistency is your biggest enemy. If you aren’t consistent with your workouts (or your clean(er) eating), you will never see results. Ever. Some reasons for inconsistency include being bored, doing too much too soon or being confused and not knowing what you should be doing.

How to Overcome:  Try new activities, join a group fitness class, start slowly and just get moving! If doing your workouts on a whim isn’t helping you, find a structured program with a schedule that you can follow easily each day. Be sure to give yourself plenty of rest days in the beginning. You don’t have to sprint right outta the gate.

Obstacle #3: Busy Life. We all have busy lives! Sometimes we’re busy doing productive things and sometimes we’re just “busy” on the internet or watching TV.

How to Overcome: Make your workouts a priority. Schedule your workouts like you would a doctor appointment. Wake up earlier each day, workout on your lunch break or workout when you get home. Can’t fit in 20-30 minutes at once? Break it up into smaller sessions throughout the day and do what you can. You can do something and that is so much better than nothing at all. (Refer to obstacle #2)


Obstacle #4: You HATE exercising.

How to Overcome: Find something you like to do. It really is that simple. There has to be something you enjoy doing that involves movement. Do that.

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