How to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain and Still Enjoy Your Escape

May 1, 2012 at 12:35 pm | Posted in Diet, tips, Weight Loss | 1 Comment
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By 3FatChicks

It is all too tempting to overindulge while you are on vacation, and fall prey to vacation weight gain. But you don’t have to put o
n the pounds while on holiday, or spend every moment watching what you eat and making note of every calorie you consume. By following a few simple rules you can have a fun and relaxing getaway and come back looking better than ever.

Plan to Be Active

It’s easy to stop your regular exercise program while you are on vacation. After all, a break from your regular activities means a break from the gym too, right? In fact, if you plan your holiday well, you won’t need to visit a gym. Walking around cities, seeing the sights, hiking to natural wonders, or even playing golf will help to burn more calories than you might in your daily life.

So, plan as many physical activities as you can. Even if you are on a tour bus for much of the day, you can still wake early and wander out to see the morning markets, or the sun rise over the ocean. Or why not build part of your trip around a cycling tour or add classes for local dance moves. Even on a beach holiday, there is still swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving to consider, as well as kayaking, and other water-based activities. While it might seem nice to lie around a beach all day without doing anything, you’ll enjoy it that much more after an hour or so of diving off a ship wreck, and it makes for better stories once you get home.

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