Why Soy Protein is Good for Dieters

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If you are dieting but do not want to compromise your protein needs, consider adding soy protein to your diet. It serves as an excellent substitute for animal proteins. It has no cholesterol and contains saturated fat only in small amounts. It is also a good source of vitamin B12, iron, calcium, zinc and fiber. Soy protein is present in different foods, such as soups, imitation meats, cheeses, nondairy creamers and infant formulas, cereals, pastas and breads. It can be categorized according to how it is produced.

Types of Soy Protein

The most refined form is called soy protein isolate. It is used when manufacturing meat products because it can improve texture and quality. Soy protein isolate has approximately 90 percent protein. Soy protein concentrate, on the other hand, is soybean in which the water-soluble carbohydrates have been removed. About 70 percent of soy protein concentrate is made up of protein. Textured soy protein (TSP) is a form of soy protein concentrate. It is usually used to replace meat or as an additive to meat. Like soy protein concentrate, TSP also has 70 percent protein.

Complete Protein

Soy protein contains all the essential amino acids needed for your nutrition, thereby earning the label of “complete” protein. For instance, grains contain only small amounts of lysine, while beans have low amounts of methionine and cysteine, two amino acids that contain sulfur. Soy protein has these amino acids in higher amounts, reaching levels similar to that of animal protein, which makes soy protein essential for dieters, vegetarians and vegans.

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