Top Fat Loss Tips

June 7, 2012 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Diet, Weight Loss | 2 Comments
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By Chris @ ExcuseMyAbs

For all the chubby stomachs out there looking to lose a bit of timber, you cannot loose body fat without a combination of eating healthy and exercising. When eating It is important to remember some foods out there can in some cases be more dangerous than sex. We’ve also all heard those excuses that people try use any excuse they can for eating poorly “If no one catches me eat it, it has no calories.”

Now, we all know there isn’t many miracle workers out there especially when Haribo have those little men knocking about, but goals can be achieved with a lot of effort. There are loads of foods that will help you in the quest of been able to grate cheese on the stomach.

As well as food, drink is also important and something to remember when guzzling down a pint of coke full of sugar. Personally I probably OD on the amount of water I drink, however my theory is you cant drink too much. The minimum is 8 glasses of water daily. It has been known that drinking water before a meal can help improve fat loss.

I will start off here with top foods that help promote fat loss.

1. Grapefruit – I know your all thinking this is the most random thing. Eating half a grapefruit before a meal can help rapid weight loss. as well as being a tasty healthy fruit it only consists of 39 calories. There has been many studies on this and results show high numbers of people losing fat through the grapefruit diet in America.

2. Lean Proteins –  these can vary from meat/shakes such as;

Whey  protein supplements (High protein low carb)

– Chicken Breast  (30)g

– Salmon (32)g

– Egg whites (6)g

– fillet steak (40)g

Most common for me is eggs and tuna simply because they are both quick simple and effective, I usually have these as an extra meal prior or post gym sessions.

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