Mind And Muscle – Linking It All Together

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The mind-muscle connection. What is it? How does it work? Troy A. Dolfi explains what the mind-muscle connection is, and how you can use it to build quality muscle and maximize your time in the gym.

Bicep curls using the mind muscle connection.The mind-muscle connection. This mentality is nothing new. In the late 80’s and early 90’s it seemed to be a body building buzz word. But with all the supplement advertising and steroid news, it seems to have fallen through the cracks to some degree.

What is the mind-muscle connection?

The mind to muscle connection is to use your mind to connect with the muscle you are training and to actually envision the motion, the tension, the growth and power you need to push yourself to another level.

One thing that is key for anyone is that you have to believe that the subconscious can aid in your workout. Seems a little hard to swallow at first, but think of it this way, you buy a supplement that you’ve heard others talk about and you start taking it, within two workouts you feel awesome! Intensity is high, better workouts, adding a few pounds to your lifts, etc. etc. Now, was this strictly from the supplement? Or could it be somewhat due to the fact that in your mind you thought that you were taking this new “super” supplement? These thoughts are known as a “placebo effect” and will eventually dissipate.

Now, what if you could keep this effect all the time?

This is what the mind-muscle connection may do for you.

Just so you know, this connection is not visualizing the next set or the next exercise to do in your workout. Nor is it looking at those amazingly pumped biceps in the mirror while doing preachers.

It is the ability to subconsciously connect with your muscle fiber through the nervous system and make the muscle believe it is capable of more.

All lifts start with the brain. The brain directs the muscle through nerve impulses to push or pull and then the pulses, depending on their frequency and strength, can become a big factor in how much force you may apply on a given lift.

You must picture the explosion of energy that is needed in each muscle group to get that last rep, push the last few inches, pull that dumbbell all the way up on the concentration curl, or press that bar up and over the head on a military press.

Nothing else matters, you hear nothing, you see nothing, all you do is CONNECT!

How do you start this connection?

It is as simple as posing in front of a mirror.

Try to connect with a particular muscle on your body when posing in front of a mirror and see if you can get it to contract/tighten and then release.

Then you need to apply this in the gym.

It will require slowing down your lifts and lightening the load so that you can feel the muscle working while moving.

Through time you will have greater control over the area being worked.

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