Building Muscle On A Budget

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Paying too much for groceries? Outgrowing your clothes? Can’t afford whey protein? Follow these tips, save money and get the results you want.

Building Muscle On A BudgetThere always seems to be an excuse but even in these harsh economic times; a determined bodybuilder can continue to make good gains while on a tight budget.  With a little effort and some creativity, your gains will continue to come. As they say, where there is a will there is a way.

It’s All How You Spend Your $$$$

Think about it; we all have choices. We choose this lifestyle, and so let’s take a moment to look at our lifestyle. While others may not be so understanding in our high consumption of nutritious food, protein powders and supplements, it’s all how you see it.

The other day I was in the grocery store in the checkout line. The guy in front of me had just shelled out over $160.00. Hmm, I couldn’t help but look as his items rolled by me on the conveyer belt. I watched as he proceeded to unload his cart with boxed potatoes, processed meats, sugary cereal, canned Hamburger Helper, soda, beer and not to mention an assortment of pastries and French bread from the bakery. You get the idea.

Again I say, a grand total of $160.00 for what I have to ask? My cart was packed pretty high with nutritious food, chicken, eggs, beef, oatmeal, fresh fruits and veggies. I spent under $100.00.

As I glanced behind me, I couldn’t help but notice what was in this person’s cart. Once again this guy’s cart was stacked high with canned and processed foods, sugary snacks and sodas.

What Is Wrong With America?

We are all suffering from hard economic times. Why would you choose to make such poor food choices that cost so much? I just don’t get it.

In 2010 the average consumer spent $2,505.00 when eating away from home according to the United States Department of Labor. Average Americans spend about $5.00 a day average on either soda, candy or fast food. Mostbodybuilders prepare their meals ahead of time and take them with them on the go. This in turn saves money. In the same vein, let’s take a look at people who choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Bodybuilders may spend money on supplements but when millions of Americans are on prescription drugs for every ache and pain and suffering from diabetes and obesity from poor diets, we can justify our supplements!

Exercise not only makes us look good and feel good; it lowers our chances of needing medications and requiring expensive medical care. Consequently, exercise affects us daily in positive ways. It improves our self-image and in turn affects how others see us. We are happier with ourselves and therefore happier with the people in our lives.

Both our family and friends reap the rewards from our fitness endeavors. Our bodies sleep better at night. We also tend to be more disciplined in our daily routines.  People who work out regularly are more dedicated to getting to work on time and are less likely to call in sick. Exercise also provides us with continued energy, so we are able to be more productive while we are on the clock. And what employer doesn’t like that?

But I digress, let’s get to the nitty gritty!

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