6 Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Workout Program

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By Melinda F

Starting a new workout program is almost always exciting – or at least it should be! Before you get too crazy though, remember that it’s important to do a few things first. Knowing these things before you start will allow you to “see” what you’ve accomplished along the way which will help you stay motivated.

Get your doctor’s okay. This is especially true if you’re a complete beginner. You need to be sure you’re aware of any underlying health conditions and even if you know you have any complications to begin with, your doctor should know what kind of physical activity you are planning to participate in. (I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear about it!)

Weigh yourself. Out of all six of the things on this list, I’m willing to be that most people do weigh themselves before starting. When weighing yourself, do so first thing in the morning. While starting weight IS important to be able to compare to when you’ve finished a program, there are a few more things you should be keeping track of.

Take measurements. Measurements are SO important because you’ll be able to see inches lost even if you haven’t lost that many pounds. When you’re burning fat and building muscle, it’s going to be difficult at times to see much difference in the numbers on the scale (depending on your current physique) but you WILL notice inches lost. You’ll see it in the mirror and you’ll feel the changes in the way your clothes fit. I just use one of those measuring tapes for sewing.

Be sure to measure the following:

  • Waist (at belly button level)
  • Hips (widest part – may have to turn sideways to see where that is)
You may also want to measure:
  • Waist (at the smallest part)
  • Each thigh (at about the mid-point)
  • Each bicep (flexed, unflexed or both if you choose)
  • Chest
  • Calves

Take before photos.  I know what you’re thinking… but taking “before” photos is SO important. Just think of these as your “goodbye photos”. They’re for your eyes only and they will serve two purposes: The first is that you’ll see what you looked like before you started so you can see the differences after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. The second is that at anytime you get discouraged along the way, you can take out your “before” photos and tell yourself that you don’t wanna look like that anymore – or ever again! Great motivation.

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