Tips in training before a marathon

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Author: wairegi julius

Marathon races need constant training to make the body get accustomed. However, the last three weeks can break or make the runner. The trick to use during the last three weeks involves getting more rest and running less. The biggest mistake that marathoner do involves training harder until the last day. This is a counterintuitive measure that will result in poor display. During the last parts before any race, having a good rest works better and makes one stronger. By training less and resting more, the marathoner will not lose fitness. Here are tips in training before a marathon.

The second tip that every marathoner must put in practice involves training as group. Some runners prefer to run individually which is not a bad idea. However, finding a partner will help the runner. It is ideal that a marathoner finds another person preparing for the same race. This helps to get support, receive advice, motivations and structure.

For a marathoner, warming and cooling down is a good idea to have success. This two have become essential part of the marathon training. In fact, this works out for all runners. This tip helps the marathoner to avoid injuries while helping the runner get most when working out. The warm ups will help in preparing the muscles, lungs and the heart. In addition, it will help to prepare the tendons. This two can last for a period of one hour. While doing this, consider some gentle loosening exercises, jogging lightly, stretching, sprinting or jumping.

To keep you body fit, the marathoner must take a lot of fluids to stay hydrated. Consider drinking plain water and adding to the nutrition required. Since the marathoners train daily, have enough water ready. This will help one stay hydrated. While on the field, do not wait to feel thirsty, but take water even when not feeling thirsty. Before taking the exercises, take a measure on your weight. If you lose 2% of the weight after training, then this will reflect on the amount of water taken. While training, it is an important consideration to include a well-balanced diet. To boost the body energy, take sugary snacks, fruits, energy bars and bagels.

To succeed in your marathon, one thing to do involves wearing good shoes and the running gear. A good practice before the main marathon involves wearing proper shoes. Replace the shoes often to prevent injuries. The running gears must also be bought from reputable sellers. Consider wearing good socks when training for the marathon.

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